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Tutor FRM 1 Quant Analysis

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Hi! I am Tutor FRM, your private tutor on FRM exam. Do you always find that you do not have enough time to study FRM? You need to work, dating or doing other stuffs. FRM exam is coming soon but you have only little free time to study. You may want to study on bus or train, but it is not convenient to study such a large book on bus or train. Tutor FRM can help you! You can now study FRM exam any time using Tutor FRM!Tutor FRM is a series of exam notes and questions that cover all FRM 2014 exam topics. For Tutor FRM 1 Quantitative analysis, it will cover FRM Part I: Quantitative analysis. Topics include:1. Probability and Statistics2. Probability Distributions3. Statistical Inference4. Linear Regression5. Volatilities and Correlations6. Monte Carlo Methods
You can download the following FRM Topics in Google Play:FRM Part I -1. Quantitative Analysis2. Financial Markets
Other parts of FRM exam is coming soon!